• Q. Can we use images downloaded from web sites?

    A. It is very unlikely. Images you see on your screen when viewing web sites are normally only 72DPI at their screen size. This makes them too small to use in any form of printing without very poor results.

  • Q. Can we supply RGB files?

    A. Yes. Our printers use a CMYK ink set, but also include a light cyan and light magenta which extend beyond the standard CMYK gamut.

  • Q. When you print our artwork, will it look the same as it does on our screen?

    A. No. Unless your monitor has been professionally calibrated, then colors are unlikely to be the same once printed. You should always try to run a proof on a calibrated printer to check color and image balance. If colors are critical we recommend a hard copy proof (see "proofs" in description).

  • Q. I only have a low resolution image of our logo, what should I do?

    A. You can ask the designer for a higher resolution version or speak with our sales staff about getting the logo recreated.

  • Q. How can I visually check the resolution on my computer monitor?

    A. Design or scale up the image to the desired print dimensions and view the image at 100% on your computer monitor. This can provide you with some idea what the product will look like from an "arm’s length." If the image is grainy or distorted, it is very likely the image will print the same way.

  • Q. What if my file is too large to upload?

    A. Provide it on a disk or use an alternate FTP site such as yousendit.com.


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